Vision, Mission, and Strategy

The MacEwan University Accounting Club (MUAC) was established in 2011 to engage students through education and opportunity. MUAC exists to help students discover the benefits and opportunities provided by a career in accounting. We do so through informative information sessions, networking opportunities, and accounting related charitable programs, with the ultimate goal to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of why accounting is a value creating career path.

Mission Statement

“To network, empower, and educate”

Vision Statement

To become the club on campus that all accounting students know they can come to for advice, support, opportunity, and a chance to better themselves.


  • Whole leadership. The ability to lead, make a difference and deliver results
  • Integrity. Having an outstanding reputation among all of our stakeholders
  • Commitment. Supporting each other within the club to grow and become better students, professionals and people
  • Diversity. Working with people from different backgrounds and thinking styles to ensure creativity and originality are always present
  • Excellence. Doing our best in all tasks we engage in and never giving up in the face of constant change