2018 Executive Team

MacEwan University Accounting Club Executives are students who are screened and elected to fulfill the role of leading the club as outlined in their specific roles and responsibilities.


Email: president@muac.ca

The President is responsible for setting the strategic goals of the club, leading the club, ensuring fulfilment of required club responsibilities, liaising with SAMU and external organisations, organizing events and other MUAC initiative.




Shawna McLaughlin, VP of Operations

Email: vp.operations@muac.ca

The VP of Operations is responsible oversee the day-to-day operations of the club and ensures the processes and activities are executed efficiently and effectively. The VP of Operations is responsible for the management of operational planning and scheduling as well as oversight for project executions.


P1060191.jpgTeodora Zlateva, VP of Stakeholder Relations

Email: vp.sr@muac.ca

The VP of Stakeholder Relations is responsible for the engagement of club stakeholders to promote club awareness and to maintain positive relationships with the community. The VP of Stakeholder Relations provides leadership for the communications and marketing aspect of the club.


Unknown_Person_woman-300x300Saakshi Dhingra, VP of Finance

Email: vp.finance@muac.ca

The VP of Finance is responsible for the creation and facilitation of financial objectives of the club. The VP of Finance provides a budget outlook, maintenance of accounting records and the administration of accounting activities.



Email: drada@cpaalberta.ca

The CPA ambassador is a student volunteer who help promote the CPA career path on campus. They are valuable points of contact for students who have questions about the accounting profession, particularly regarding the CPA Professional Education Program.



Unknown_Person_woman-300x300Jessica Brown, Secretary

Email: secretary@muac.ca

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the structure of the organization and all administration that would allow for the organization to run smoothly. Such duties include minutes of the meeting and knowledge management.


Unknown_Person_woman-300x300Hamza Khan, Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds within the Club. They are responsible for keeping an accurate records of financial transactions and ensuring that proper policies are followed. The Treasurer provides a frequent financial status report to the VP of Finance.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADanessa Amadeo, Director of Events

The Director of Events  leads, develops, plans, delivery and evaluates all MacEwan Accounting Club events. They work with SAMU, members of the executive team, external stakeholders, faculty, and students to ensure that MUAC events are relevant and is delivered properly.



P1060195.jpgDaria Sokolan, Director of Professional and Social Development

The Director of Professional and Social Development is tasked with the planning, designing, and development of innovative initiatives that improve student skills to prepare them for a career after university. They work closely with industry and public-sector organizations to bridge learning gaps as well as provide additional networking opportunities.


P1060182.jpgMichael Obeso, Director of Human Resources






P1060184.jpgClara Prokop, Finance Coordinator






P1060198.jpgSimran Jaura, Director of Communications






P1060200.jpgRukhsar Rajan, Project Manager