We are always looking for committed, resourceful, and team-oriented individuals to join our team. If you are interested in being a part of MUAC, we will be sharing information regarding executive applications for 2021 – 2022  in the near future.

We suggest you engage in campus volunteer activities through MUAC to gain insight on the involvement and impact our team delivers to students and the community. Students who show dedication, optimism and a passion for making an impact are often successful in their executive applications.

MUAC Executive Applications (2021) – Coming Soon

In order to join our executive team you need be a general member for our club first!

If you’re not already one, you can sign up here.

Every year we will release a nomination form for open positions. The nominee will be required to sign this form and have 3 other general members sign the form in order to run (exceptions may apply) If more then one person runs for the same role, those individuals will need to run a campaign.

Nomination form can be found here: ( Coming soon)